Lane County Area Spray Information

Lone Rock Timber Investments 1, 541-673-0141, plans to hire Western Helicopter Services, 503-538-9469, to aerially spray 141.9 acres near Camp Creek with glyphosate and/or triclopyr. See ODF notification 2018-771-11010, call Brian Dally at 541-726-3588 with questions.

Fisher Residual Trust, 541-747-4739, plans to hire Oregon Forest Management Services, 541-520-5941, to spray 37.9 acres near Upper Camp Creek Road with glyphosate, sulfometuron methyl, metsulfuron methyl, aminopyralid, imazapyr,triclopyr, Dyne-Amic, Induce and/or MSO Concentrate. See ODF notification 2018-771-11157, call Brian Dally at 541-726-3588 with questions.

Giustina Land & Timber, 541-345-2301, plans to hire Northwest Reforestation Services, 541-520-6215, to spray 80.2 acres near Marlow Road with 2,4-D, triclopyr and/or Forest Crop Oil. See ODF notification 2018-781-11190, call Brian Peterson at 541-935-2283 with questions.

Coast Range Conifers, 541-335-1472, plans to hire Nick’s Timber Services, 503-876-8220, to spray 57.0 acres near High Pass Road with glyphosate, imazapyr, triclopyr and/or LI 700. See ODF notification 2018-781-11516, call Robin Biesecker at 541-935-2283 with questions.

Compiled by Gary Hale, Beyond Toxics,