Beware the Gestapo

We are traditionally a melting pot of racial, ethnic and religious diversity. The state of Oregon introduced the sanctuary law 30 years ago to protect the rights of individuals from unwanted harassment and persecution. As a concerned Oregonian, overturning this law would be a green light fro the government to pry into our privacy in violation of our human rights.

If Measure 105 passes, who would the next victims of profiling be? Would they be some poor person with dark skin and an old car, stopped by the police simply for looking a certain way, or diving a certain way? Or could the next victim be your next-door neighbor with whom you just shared a friendly over-the-fence chat? Or a schoolmate, a colleague or even you? Or would it open the door to neighbors denouncing neighbors to the police?

The police have a duty and a responsibility in keeping our community safe. We need to keep our neighborhoods free of criminal activity, but also with the recognition of the right to privacy.

If Measure 105 passes, not only would Oregon police departments have to take on additional responsibilities, they would be the instruments of violating our very privacy. Our right to live in a democratic nation would be violated.

I do not want the streets of a politically progressive community like Eugene to become a police state where people live in fear, not hope.

Thomas G. Romano