Guns and Pancakes

The other day, as my kids and I were at IHOP waiting on our pancakes, a man came in the restaurant with a large-caliber revolver hanging in a holster on his hip and a small child jumping and hugging him around the waist, hand inches away from it.

I got a manager and told her about it, and asked what their firearms policy was. At first she tried to tell me that in Oregon anyone can carry a gun anywhere, but I reminded her that in Oregon companies can set their own rules for their premises, and told her I needed to know what their company’s policy was. She said she would ask her manager, then came back a few minutes later to tell me that concealed guns were not allowed but openly carried guns were.

I told her we were leaving immediately and that we weren’t coming back, then we left. There are plenty of other places to get a pancake without worrying about some yahoo with a gun. 

Baldr Odinson

Junction City