Oregon Proud

In spring of this year, the Wayne Morse Historical Park Corporation announced the recipients of the Integrity in Politics Award. Oregon senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley were named the co-winners.

We believe Wyden and Merkley embody the collaborative and intellectual spirit of the late Sen. Wayne Morse, which is desperately needed as this nation faces the rapid decline in its moral and civic fiber.

Further, Morse famously declared his independence with his voting record, stating on the plaque to be awarded to the senators that he would “cast my vote free of political pressure and unmoved by the threats of loss of political support.”

Details of the award presentation are still being ironed out, but Meerah Powell’s Aug. 30 cover story on Merkley shows why Oregonians should be proud of the work that Wyden and Merkley have done, not just for the state, but for all of the nation.

Johnny Earl