Warmonger McCain

If one was looking for an example of the bi-partisan, liberal-conservative moral rot in this country, you would be hard pressed to find better than the EW’s Slant blurb on John “Bomber” McCain (8/30).

A “truly amazing life?” WTF? Oh and lest we forget: “He wasn’t without his flaws.” Did the editorial staff even bother to peruse — in more than a cursory, sanitized fashion — the “resume” of this inveterate, evil warmonger?

Sure, Trump is an execrable SOB that we’re stuck with for who knows how long, but McCain ranks and reeks right with him.

The only saving grace, outside of his never snaking his way into the oval office, is that he is now, finally, blessedly, six feet under where he can do no more harm.

If hell were to exist, he’d be a smoking there now.

Karl Stout


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