Who Is Your Neighbor?

I rely on my neighbors to look out for me, my safety and my well-being. We give each other our excess produce and take care of each other’s pets. When my husband is out of town, I feel safe, knowing my neighbors will help me if I need it and have an eye out for my safety.

When I was in danger at home as a child, my neighbor, who is an immigrant, stepped forward and protected me. I’m concerned that if Measure 105 passes, my neighbors will be afraid to call the police for fear of racial discrimination. I can’t expect them to prioritize my safety over their own. 

If Measure 105 passes, it will open the door to anti-immigrant behaviors by local police. This law has been working as intended for more than 30 years, giving clear guidance to local law enforcement on complicated immigration issues.

We all want to live in a community where we can turn to our neighbors for help.

Erica Barry


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