Small Town Opens ‘The Uranus Examiner’

When GateHouse Media closes a newspaper, a new one arises with a controversial name

Generally, GateHouse Media is just not that funny. It’s closing newspapers and slashing writing staff across the country as well as locally.

But when Uranus, Missouri, lost its local paper, the Waynesville Daily Guide, the former managing editor of that paper, announced the birth of the Uranus Examiner, according to KY3 news.

Unsurprisingly, the name has caused controversy, with KY3 reporting that Waynesville Mayor Luge Hardman stood up at the Chamber of Commerce Luncheon where the new news source was announced, and said, “No. I’m sorry. But, the innuendo of that title puts my city up for public ridicule, and I will not be a part of it.”

As the Springfield News-Leader notes on the name controversy, the town of Uranus is actually a tourist attraction sited on a former strip club and features a fudge factory as well as an indoor ax-throwing facility called The Uranus Axehole, and more.

However, according to the News-Leader, while the Uranus Examiner was originally intended as more of a fun marketing tool, in the wake of GateHouse shuttering the Daily Guide, it is in fact, “a serious newspaper.”

To find out more about Uranus and to subscribe to its Examiner go to the town’s website here.