Listen to Richard Swift’s final song ‘Sept20’

The final album The Hex For Family and Friends out tomorrow, Sept. 21

The below was posted on Swift’s Facebook page this morning:

“Slip away, asleep in my car, all the angels sing, Que Sera Sera”

What will be, will be… The final words from Richard’s final song.

Today, September 20, on his 21st wedding anniversary, Richard Ochoa Swift’s family honors his final wishes; scattering his ashes in a private ceremony in Oregon. While they say goodbye to a father/husband/son/brother/uncle/provider, we remember the larger than life talent that was Richard Swift and share with the world Sept20, his final song.

In the months leading up to his death, Richard struggled to complete his long delayed new album. Conceived and created over the course of years, the album encapsulates the pain of losing his beloved mother and sister, the years on the road away from his family and his personal struggles with addiction. Completing the album became Swift’s white whale; an emotionally devastating statement which would allow him to open a new chapter in his life. In March we cleared the decks, focusing on getting him clean and putting the final touches on his cathartic masterpiece, The Hex. On May 7, he announced the forthcoming release of Richard Swift presents The Hex For Family and Friends on Instagram. It was his final post.

Tomorrow, September 21, Richard Swift’s The Hex For Family and Friends will be shared with the world. We have done our best to present the album as he left it, leaving the instrumental HZLWD, the “salty little bish” of a song for which he just couldn’t find the lyrics, right where he had it in the running order. Though Richard is no longer physically present, his spirit lives on in his art. His Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr accounts will remain as he left them — expressions of a larger than life figure full of mirth and creativity. We encourage you to browse them as they truly reflect the creative genius we loved.

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