Mismanaged Forests

I wonder if in addition to climate change problems if our forests have a late market capitalism problem? Research has shown that forest thinning, trees of different ages and careful introduction of fire is needed to reduce the fuels buildup.

I look around at clearcutting and industrial logging all around Lane County; this looks a lot more like forest destruction than forest management.

This is especially current since the BLM wants to sell a third of the Thurston Hills for a clearcutting project. As the unsustainable and exhaustive nature of industrial forestry becomes apparent, logging areas are moving closer to places we live, recreate, go to school and get our food. And of course, it brings all the baggage that comes along including aerial spraying.

 The status quo of short-term corporate gain at long-term local community pain is putting too much at risk. In addition to these plans making the environment around Thurston more fire-prone, we are losing Oregon summer staples like Cycle Oregon and the Shakespeare Festival.

Studies have shown that industrial forests burn significantly hotter and faster than managed forests. Both our natural and urban communities deserve better than this.

Kerstin Britz

Cottage Grove