No Hope In Capitalism

Capitalism is an economic system that is geared to making profits. It obeys markets but does not heed the natural world. It does not consider the limits of growth. It does not operate for the good of humanity and it does not have a conscience. 

For these reasons, there is no way we can count on capitalism to tackle the problem of human-caused global heating. The well-funded voices that want to roll back environmental protections speak the language of capitalism. They oppose any constraints that might harm profits from fossil fuels.

Attempts to limit emissions or encourage renewables are labeled unfair and too expensive. Actually, what is unfair will be the condition of the planet we are leaving to our children. What will be expensive is the cost of forest fires, sea walls, failed crops and climate refugees.

It’s time for the unfunded voice of the people to be heard. There are a lot of us and we have children. Speak up to your elected representatives. Hold them accountable for meeting emission reduction goals they have set.

Vote for pro-climate candidates in November. We’re fighting for the future of the earth and time is running out.  

Carolyn Partridge


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