Where’s the Housing?

The long-fought-over EMX is now going out West 11th Avenue, and now is the time to start building workforce housing into areas not filled up with strip malls already. 

I see a very few larger parcels on West 11th that could be nice apartment complexes. For example, between Garfield and City View there’s a large lot next to the SS Sec/Food Stamp offices. Why not do something there? What exactly was the point of putting EMX out there, if not to encourage workforce housing and use of bus transport? 

I’m not talking “affordable housing,” a nebulous term. I’m talking simple, well built and efficient housing that lasts for 50 years. It can be done. Where are your developer “friends of city hall” who could, just once, build something useful and not make a killing on it?

You all have been very lax in pressuring them to do something good for this town, without a reward. It does get old, you know.

There also is a huge lot available at the Four Corners intersection (Roosevelt and Hwy 99W at the northwest corner) that would be a great location for workforce housing. Plenty of bus service, too. Why is nothing happening? 

Robin Bloomgarden