Bully Tactics

What a show. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confrontational stance throughout his performance was a tactical maneuver. It was a shock to watch the reactions of people all around him.

If you watched him, then think back on all the reactions you felt in your body. I’ll bet you just couldn’t help being sympathetic and sorry. If he has been wronged, then keep in mind it is because Ford, a woman of conscience, came forward in an effort to reveal his accountability for his actions toward her as a teenager.

Don’t be bullied into believing his vehement delivery makes him honest. We don’t really know for sure. But he does stand accused.

I fully expect that an investigation by the FBI must be called for. I can say this: A man — a judge, say, competent, and as professionally experienced as he is said to be — cannot behave with such a lack of decorum as he displayed to the world in his tirade Sept. 27. That was pitiful.

He was argumentative, evasive and deflective. I watched his behavior and mentally saw him on the other side of the gavel. If you saw it, too, I’ll bet it made you shudder. Supreme Court judge? I don’t think so.

Oh, and one more thing: He didn’t watch Ford make her delivery? What a total lack of respectability. He is obviously above the law.

Sue Gallego


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