Measures For Measures

Given the amount of confusing information being spread about upcoming ballot measures, the Eugene Democratic Socialists of America and I devised this voting guide for Eugene voters:

NO on Measure 102: 102 opens the door for private developers to make money on public funds — paid for by exploitative property taxes. NO to 102!

NO on Measure 103: Despite its rosy language, 103 is an attempt to freeze all taxes on the grocery industry in the state, decimating public funds. This is large companies asking the public to pay their taxes. NO on 103!

NO on Measure 104: 104 makes it so a supermajority (67 percent of the vote) is required for all revenue-related propositions. That means it will be nearly impossible for measures like this year’s life-saving Measure 101 to happen ever again. NO on 104!

NO on Measure 105: Measure 105 would remove Oregon’s status as a sanctuary state, leaving our most vulnerable community members more open to ICE kidnappings and raids. It is dangerous. NO on 105!

NO on Measure 106: Measure 106 reduces access to abortion and prohibits spending public funds on abortion-related matters. It is an inhumane measure that attacks the right of persons to make decisions about their own bodies. NO on 106!

The Eugene DSA, and myself, strongly and emphatically oppose all of these measures. We hope that you feel similarly.

If you’d like to meet us, our meetings are 6 pm every second and fourth Sunday at 609 E. 13th, near the University of Oregon campus.

Dante Douglas