NAACP Says No On 105

The Eugene/Springfield NAACP has voted to oppose Measure 105 in accordance with our stance that all people be treated with equality and dignity.

Measure 105 is a continuation of the divisive and precedent-wrecking policies being presented from the Trump administration, and we ask our fellow citizens to stand up for informed and effective governance.

Building walls and stoking fears negatively impact the common good. Although the climate of hate has been normalized in some ways by our current president, the media has a responsibility to call out hate when it presents itself in the public square.

The group that has worked to throw out Oregon’s anti-racial profiling law has been identified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, yet its message has been legitimized through this measure.

In the name of compassionate stewardship, we must stand together to hold back racial discrimination. Vote no on 105! 

Eric Richardson, president

Eugene/Springfield NAACP