Shameful And Immoral

Measure 105, which would undo Oregon’s sanctuary law, is not simply a response to legitimate immigration concerns, but is part of a multi-pronged effort to scapegoat our neighbors and to reduce the population of brown people whether here legally or not.

Measure 105 does not stand in isolation. The ramped-up building of internment camps, reductions in avenues for legal immigration, punishing those seeking amnesty and seriously reducing numbers of those who qualify, deporting even legal immigrants (including those who served in the armed forces), separating families and traumatizing children, and creating debilitating fear for our neighbors from south of the border form the context in which measure 105 exists.

These policies are a public safety issue for communities of color, U.S. citizens and immigrants alike.

It is no wonder that people associated with Oregonians for Imigrationn Reform (OFIR) are also associated with white nationalists.  We’ve seen this before with the internment of Japanese-Americans, the Chinese Exclusion Act and the 1924 law restricting southern and eastern Europeans (also said to be dirty, criminal and a threat to American jobs).

It was shameful then and it is immoral now. Vote NO on 105.

Nadia Telsey


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