Kate Is Great

Here are five reasons I will proudly vote for Kate Brown for governor of Oregon:

She saved the Elliott State Forest when it was on the verge of being sold to private timber. This kept it in public hands and is helping to protect our environment against climate change. 

She’s allocated more than $5 million in emergency funds this year to protect our houseless folks. 

She shepherded and happily signed bills expanding healthcare for kids and women — “Cover All Kids” and protecting women’s reproductive rights. 

She’s increased school funding by 22 percent and knows we have to do even more. 

She stopped the federal tax cuts from affecting Oregon taxes for large corporations, which would have hindered an already stressed budget. These funds will actually trigger the kicker, something that many have complained about and didn’t understand. Think about this: that kicker will go back to taxpayers, but corporate kickers go right into the school funds. 

Join me in proudly re-electing Gov. Kate Brown. 

James Barber