Over-Taxed Trucker

No one I know likes to pay taxes, but they are a basic fact of life.

As a trucker based here in Eugene who travels up and down the West Coast, I spend an enormous amount on direct and indirect taxes. Some but not all of this money goes to transportation infrastructure. The remainder disappears into the general fund.

So when I see there are local bond measures for repairs to roads I ask myself: Where is the money going?

I’m not a conservative — in fact, my politics are slightly left-of-center — but it would seem, to this simple tax-paying trucker, that we pay for a legislature, both local and state, to distribute tax income to schools and roads, etc., as the law requires, and that the remainder goes to “those other projects.”

Well, why are there measures to fund roads when they should already be covered. I’m just an over-taxed trucker, but I’m genuinely puzzled. I’ve always thought I was keeping the economy moving.

Seems all taxpayers are just cash cows.

Peter Tildesley