Congressman Peter DeFazio showed remarkable restraint in dealing with Art Robinson at the City Club of Eugene forum Oct. 19. Former chair of the Oregon Republican Party and candidate against DeFazio in District 4 from 2010 through 2016 — and a certified wingnut — Robinson identifies himself as a scientist and says we need more scientists in Congress. But he’s a climate change denialist who proceeds to say there is no proof that humans are affecting the climate and that “thousands” of scientists agree with him. At this point, it’s tough to sit still and listen to him. But the most important response in this democracy is to vote for DeFazio for the 4th Congressional district, hoping that he will chair a committee once again.

• A little election weirdness in Coos Bay, as long as we are talking about DeFaz. The ballots there were printed with his name and info in smaller type than his opponents’. The condensed font went out on 44,867 ballots, and DeFazio’s campaign is “gravely concerned,” a press release says, that Coos County voters will be unable to clearly make out DeFazio’s name and the parties that nominated him. The campaign understands it was a “formatting error.”

• The Oregon Ducks got walloped by Washington State Cougars last Saturday, Oct. 20, losing 34-20. In good news, however, the Ducks recruiting team managed to sign Cross Patton. He’s the son of Big Boi — yes, the hip-hop legend who was a member of Outkast. Big Boi made the announcement on his Instagram. It’s kinda cool that we’ll have someone bigger than Phil Knight at Autzen. Check out to see some of Patton’s highlights.

• Rebuilding City Hall is still proceeding at a glacial pace. (What’s the saying, “Demolish in haste, repent at leisure”?) But some good is coming of Eugene’s awkward city planning. The City Council has voted to place a temporary supervised homeless camp with a day-use area on the site. Councilor Mike Clark, who was the sole vote against, voiced concerns the city would be laughed at for putting the shelter there. Nah, Mike, they are still too busy laughing at us for the whole, “Whoops we tore down our City Hall thing.” See more coverage online.

We can’t say this enough: Vote! Also, where are The Register-Guard and other news sources getting the idea that vote by mail doesn’t work because millennials don’t know where to buy stamps? Every young person we ask looks at us like we’re stupid and says they get them on Amazon and, of course, at the Post Office.

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