University of Nike

Bob Keefer’s masterful review of Joshua Hunt’s University of Nike (“Who Owns the UO?” Oct. 18) demonstrates how the University of Oregon has become corporate and out of touch with ordinary students’ needs and more in service of the Nike Corporation.

Keefer explains how Hunt’s research has torn aside the veil of secrecy behind the real purpose of the donations: a quid pro quo for the UO abandoning support for Nike workers rights, both here and internationally. The revelation about the huge public relations operation was new but stands to reason.  

My own recent experience with this corporate amorality came when my granddaughter enrolled and moved into the dorms on campus. Campus construction equipment began moving about and making noise around 6 am each day, making it impossible for her to get a full night’s sleep.

When we complained to housing about the issue we got the cold corporate shoulder. Persons who were responsible never called back or were continually unavailable. She has since transferred to Lane Community College, which has its own set of problems — but none of which is ownership by Phil and Penny Knight, at least so far and the last time I checked.

But who knows how long that will last?

Jerry Ross


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