No On Measure 106

There is no better example of class privilege than being able to choose for a poor woman whether to have a child or not.

If Measure 106 passes, women who are too poor to afford health insurance are the ones who will be affected. Theoretically, they can still get abortions if they can get the money, but it may mean they choose hunger, homelessness, prostitution or robbery — or they’ll be forced to carry an unwanted child to term.

It will be a financial burden on the state for decades to come. If Measure 106 passes, prepare for your taxes to go up because the state’s population will increase, and every newborn is going to need food, healthcare and shelter. Homelessness and the number of foster kids are likely to increase.

The measure locks the word “embryo” in addition to “fetus” into the Constitution, thus defunding early-term pharmaceutically induced abortions. State employees will unfairly be prevented from using their insurance like private sector employees can.

Four out of five of the top donors to the Yes on 106 Fund are men. The measure doesn’t contain any provisions for abortion in cases of rape or incest. It just says it has to follow federal law, and if federal law changes, and rape and incest victims are no longer allowed to have abortions, your daughters and sisters can be raped and forced to carry the baby to term.

Don’t legislate morality and discriminate against the state’s most disenfranchised. Vote no on Measure 106.

Ariana White