Revolutionary Endorsements

At our general meeting on Oct. 20, Our Revolution Lane County voted unanimously to endorse STAR Voting and Julie Fahey, and unanimously to oppose Measures 103, 104, 105 and 106. With a three-to-one majority, ORLC voted to oppose Measure 102.

We have previously endorsed Marty Wilde and Heather Buch. We also support Kate Brown for governor and Christy Inskip.

We understand there is a housing crisis nationally and in Lane County. We understand that the cause of the crisis is an economy that does not work for the people, but sends money to the top. We understand that privatization policies such as the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, created in conjunction with Ronald Reagan’s Tax Reform, funnels money through the private sector to the top while depriving local communities of federal support for affordable housing.

We believe that a deregulatory amendment such as Measure 102, which would remove a protection against privatization, is not necessary and would result in greater impoverishment of our local communities.

We believe that public housing ought to be publicly owned — that public funding mechanisms ought to build the resources of the community, not be given away to the private sector.

Tom Brown