Seniors For Brown

We senior voters of a Eugene retirement community have comments on the governor race. 

Both major party candidates are appealing to the “center.” We like non-partisanship, but even when policy specifics are offered, weighing the politics behind them is a challenge.

We appreciate some of Knute Buehler’s quasi-moderate talking points, but think Kate Brown’s positions are more in tune with Oregon voters. We condemn the innuendo leveled against her by dark money campaigns aligned with Buehler.

Further, we watch the national GOP repeatedly going off the rails and do not want to give it another inroad into Oregon politics.

We — individually and as a group — are more comfortable with Brown’s track record and positions on health care, foster care, state executions, immigration, gun control, unions and climate change. Buehler campaigned against Measure 101 funding for healthcare for vulnerable Oregonians, and misrepresents Brown’s foster care program.

Buehler supports capital punishment and the racial profiling detailed in Measure 105. He has opposed sensible gun control and wants to fund education by cutting teacher benefits. On climate change, he proposes revenue-neutral carbon taxes, not allowing for the investment to address it.

Overall, Buehler aligns with big money interests over people. We endorse Kate Brown for governor. 

Jack Taylor