Vote Them Out

I am urging all Eugene Weekly readers, especially those ages 18 to 29, to please vote. This election is probably the most important of our lifetime. If you despise Trump and everything he stands for, you must vote against him and the Republicans. 

The only way to have a progressive nation is for young people to start voting. If you aren’t sure who to vote for, ask someone you trust. If you have an Oregon driver’s license, you are automatically registered to vote. If you haven’t received a ballot, go to your county elections office to get one.

We need to send an overwhelming message that we reject their racism, sexism, homophobic, transphobic, anti-environment agenda. 

We especially need to send a message to Phil Knight that he can’t buy our governor’s office. Don’t fall for all the negative ads running against Kate Brown. Her opponent is a right-wing stooge who is anti-environment, anti-education and anti-choice, despite what he says.

Irene Henjum