Young Shakespeare

What’s in a word? Poet, author and hip-hop artist George Watsky has dived into the world of writing for more than a decade, and it doesn’t look like he’s coming up for air any time soon. From stories about social justice to the grim reality of dating as a millennial, Watsky puts on a show that will leave you debating whether to laugh, cry or just dance the night away.

Watsky hails from San Francisco and planted his artistic roots in the early 2000s during the slam poetry craze. His unique way of playing with tempo and verbalizing emotions won him the 2006 Brave New Voices National Poetry Slam. 

The win was a turning point in his career, and he quickly moved from spoken-word poetry to hip hop, adding his own garnish of humor, such as “I’ll finger bang my dreams, I’ll fucking punch a dragon,” from his 2015 song “Moral of the Story.”

Four albums and his first book (How to Ruin Everything: Essays) later, he has built a niche for himself in the hip-hop community. For the perfect Watsky recipe, add a dash of Hobo Johnson, Michael Cera and Lil Dicky, not to mention bon appétit.

He has a specific spice, however, that sets him apart from the rest in his league. Whether it’s playing with tempo or pulling at your heart strings, he finds a way to write a song that perfectly embellishes its underlying story, making the listener laugh and say “Damn!” in a simultaneous sigh. 

Get in your feels with the multifaceted Watsky alongside Chukwudi and Feed the Birds 9pm Saturday, Nov. 3, at WOW Hall; tickets $20. — Kelsey Anne Rankin