Capitalist Meatheads

Capitalism owes no loyalty to flag, God or family. Capitalism has no code of ethics, no shared moral conscience, no values other than profit.

The entire point of capitalism is to make money — period. There is no other goal. The longed-for objective of all supra-national billionaires is monopoly. Their creed is: “Charge as much as you can, pay as little as is possible.” 

The Chinese, Vietnamese and Bangladeshis are not to blame for the Rust Belt — capitalists are. If capitalists had any loyalty or patriotism, they would have paid decent wages and kept manufacturing jobs here in America, but they have none of either commodity. Their do-all, be-all and end-all is money. They sold America out for a few pennies on the dollar, and they congratulated themselves for it.

The grand panjandrums of American business would be perfectly fine with an American Gulag (pay nothing, feed the workers just enough to stay alive); they long for the good old days of slavery (you pay nothing and you get to rape the help) and fantasize about the concentration camp system (you don’t even have to keep the workers alive — just work ’em ’til they die and then get some more).

Economically (absolutely not socially) America was at its best and fairest in the early 1950s when the average CEO made 18 times what his workers did, the top 1 percent was taxed 90 percent, and corporations (which were not then “people”) were taxed 55 percent.

As Archie Bunker sang: “Those were the days …”

Jamie Selko


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