United States Of Hate

Hate and violence seems to be consuming our country right now. Just this week, we saw two African Americans gunned down in a hate crime at a Kentucky grocery store, and high-profile national figures as well a news organization targeted in a series of bombing attempts.

Since Donald Trump took office, we have seen attacks on innocent Americans by right-wing white nationalist groups. We have seen a spike in hate speech — online and in person — that continues to divide and demean our fellow Americans. We are a nation coming apart at the seams, and our leaders are not equipped to unify the country; they are the ones who have sown the seeds of division. 

Now, we mourn the lives lost at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. We mourn for the Jewish community. As we grieve, we must ask how such a dangerous individual was able to obtain the weapon he used to destroy so many families and lives. Hate and easy access to guns are a deadly combination.

We must address our weak gun laws and the hatred underlying these horrific acts in order to prevent future tragedies.

Curtis Taylor