Tired of the One-Percent?

We’ve survived another election, but we all know the politicians will not solve our problems. The corporate politicians and the talking heads keep telling us that we can fix things by putting either a Democrat or a Republican into power. But the reality is that we won’t change anything until we deal with the real criminals and crooks, the bankers and the CEOs who have co-opted our government. 

If we’re going to take back our communities, our country and our future, we first need to put aside the labels that divide us. We are the working class, the 99 percent. It doesn’t matter what color or religion you are. It doesn’t matter where you were born.

The only thing that matters is the answer to one very simple question. Which side are you on? Are you with the 1 percent, or are you with the 99 percent; are you with the rich fat cats that are destroying our country, or are you with the common working folk who built this country.

At Eugene-Springfield Solidarity Network we have a 30-year history of fighting for workers. If you believe in fair living wages for all workers; if you believe everyone deserves an affordable place to live or that it’s time to make the largest corporations pay their fair share; if you’re tired of working your fingers to the bone for table scraps while CEO’s fill their pockets with your hard-earned wages — then join us at 11 am this Saturday, Nov. 17, at Dark & Stormy, 420 Main Street in Springfield.

Lonnie L. Douglas, Eugene Springfield Solidarity Network