Hey Dems!

Just days after the election, the corporate Democrats begin placating, posturing and insisting on business as usual. “Business as Usual” is killing the climate system.

Oregon’s Rep. Peter DeFazio said, “The idea that in five years or 10 years we’re not going to consume any more fossil fuels is technologically impossible.”

His declaration was in response to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pushing a “Green New Deal.” The Costa Rican diplomat to the Paris Accord, Christina Figueres said, “Impossible is not a fact. Impossible is an attitude.”

“Leader” of the House Nancy Pelosi talks of “bi-partisan cooperation” after two years of legislation that has been slash, pillage and plunder of the people. Why would they do this? Guess the corporate Dems don’t want to disturb their “bribes as usual” donor support system.

When governments fail, the people must lead! Join whatever activist effort you are willing to lay your body down for and stick your courage to the sustained struggle. For those not yet ready to join us? When you do, the world will be as one. Get involved! Extinction rebellion everyone?

Deb McGee, 350Eugene volunteer

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