Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

Now You Can Buy Pot Bouquets Too

Kathleen Marie / Portland Mercury

Are cannabis flower bouquets, like, a thing now? ’Cause I’ve never heard of one. But with the prevalence of cannabis… well (gestures broadly), everywhere in Oregon, there’s a certain kind of mad logic to this evolution in the market.

“I have not seen anyone in the country selling cannabis bouquets.”

That’s East Fork Cultivars co-founder and president Nathan Howard. Founded in 2015 by Nathan and his brother Aaron Howard, East Fork Cultivars is a leading craft hemp and cannabis farm, specializing in CBD-rich, chemically diverse hemp and cannabis.

So the answer to my question is no, cannabis bouquets aren’t a thing yet. But according to Howard, they’re about to be.

Last October, East Fork tried what Howard believes were the first-ever cannabis flower bouquet popups in Portland and Eugene. Blue Bird Flowers, located at 1203 Willamette Street, hosted the local event.

Right around October is the best time to get the fresh cannabis sativa, but East Fork plans on doing more popups of dried and cured cannabis sativa flowers around holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s Day, Howard says. We could see it year-round, he adds.

The Howard brothers wanted to create and sell cannabis flower bouquets for years, and with the passage of the federal Farm Bill, legalizing the harvest of craft hemp at the federal level, their dreams became reality.

“We grew a few acres of really beautiful resinous hemp,” Howard explains. “With those hemp flowers we struck up a couple partnerships in Portland and Eugene to offer cannabis flower bouquets.”

Cannabis bouquets are made from arrangements as well as solo stems of CBD-dominant, very low THC and terpene-rich cannabis flowers — otherwise known as craft hemp. For looks, a few other non-cannabis flowers are added into the arrangement.

And price points are competitive to your average floral arrangement, Howard adds.

What makes cannabis flower arrangements such a cool gift, Howard says, is that after using the bouquet to beautify a home or workspace, the cannabis sativa can continue to be used for other purposes. “You gift them,” Howard says. “You take it home, or have it at work. We’re adding a third step of enjoyment.”

We could start seeing CBD-dominant infused weddings and special holidays, Howard continues.

“A lot of people who bought bouquets from Blue Bird kept it on their table,” he goes on. “They’re very aromatic. People enjoy the bouquet,” he says. After it wilts, people can dry and cure the plant to do add to bathwater, make a topical ointment or tincture, or just combust it.

So maybe one day, when weed is truly legalized all over America, we’ll all be giving each other cannabis bouquets to commemorate the occasion. Who knows? ν

For more information about East Fork Cultivars, go to For more information about Blue Bird Flowers, find them on social media. If interested in giving a bouquet around the holidays, email