Ham Ad Speciesist

In most cases I find irony to be amusing or at least interesting. The irony in last week’s EW, not so much.

In the article “A Jive Turkey Holiday” (EW Nov. 21) we learned about a local resident who won a PETA award for a vegan Easter dinner he created. This article included information about how most turkeys are basically tortured during the slaughter process.

Then on page 12 we find a large advertisement encouraging readers to place their orders for a honey ham.

The sad irony is that the vast majority of ham comes from pigs that are systematically tortured, including confining breeding sows for the majority of their lives to pens that restrict their movement to no more than two steps — sentient beings these creatures.

I’ve always thought of EW as a thoughtful, progressive paper. The fact it indirectly supports speciesism requires further consideration.

Dan Dizney