World on the Brink

I appreciate Congressman Peter DeFazio’s 20-year history of climate-saving accomplishments (EW Viewpoint, Nov. 29) and his involvement in the Kyoto Protocol. Our current global climate crisis would be worse without his efforts.

However, Kyoto, DOHA Amendment, Paris Agreement and COP 21 all fall woefully short of reaching global carbon reduction goals and are inadequate. These assemblies produced non-binding pledges of fossil fuel reduction promises with no metrics to evaluate voluntary carbon emission reductions.

October’s release by the IPCC, November’s Governmental Climate Assessment Report and the Stanford University Report signaled emergency action is needed to curb global warming and that the world’s 20-year bureaucratic efforts were window dressing.

The Green New Deal, The One Year War Plan, The Climate Mobilization Victory Plan and The Solutions Project are frameworks with teeth for immediate implementation that would reduce global fossil fuel usage and GHG emissions.

DeFazio should publicly oppose the Jordan Cove LNG Energy Project, enact a statewide fracking ban, legislate incentive programs for EVs, rooftop solar, fuel switching from gas to electric and prohibit gas infrastructure.

Nationally, the list is long, and I would be willing to discuss these GHG reduction solutions with him — but not until legislators stop taking fossil fuel campaign contributions and giving subsidies to carbon majors.

Jim Neu


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