Contra Ritter

I love how Jerry Ritter conveniently leaves out any mention of the Trump agendas other than the old “immigration” cliché (Letters, Dec. 6). If he knows about the book The Jungle or about Ellis Island, he might remember all of us immigrants who’ve made this country, having come from, well, gosh dang, somewhere else.

As for his comment about how “Trump and others (whoever the others are — the government? Kochs/Mercers? Russian oligarchs?) that support the rule of law …” WTF?! What rock has Mr. Ritter been sleeping under?

For as long as the U.S.A. has been in existence, Manifest Destiny, capitalism and neoliberalism have been “crushing” everything in their path with an “exceptional” attitude of laws-be-damned in the making, and now destroying of it.

In consequence, the blowback is people deserving to be allowed in because they are the victims and offspring of sovereign countries beyond our borders who have been systematically destroyed by us — politically, economically, psychologically and militarily. And the “crushing” beatdown goes on.

Recently, it was mentioned on a fake, leftist-agenda, “socialist” radio station that a poll had been conducted, asking of conservatives, if given a choice, whether they would choose democracy over the preservation of conservative ideology? Answer: Conservatives loved themselves too much.

Given the current state of the country, the planet and growing global authoritarianism, the poll was blind, and a bit late, to what’s been obvious.

Sean S. Doyle