The Old Saw

The “Climate Kids” believe Planet Earth’s atmosphere is changing because the president of the United States allows “climate-changing gases” from fossil fuels into the air and this violates their “right” to a “stable climate.”

Assuming these highly suspect notions are true, do the kids appreciate electricity, air conditioning, heat in the winter, products manufactured with fossil fuels and their standard of living? Do they like music, movies, concerts, video games, TV, plays, sporting events and amusement park rides?

What is the carbon footprint of Hollywood and the entire entertainment industry from conception and production to consumption? Movie theaters and concert venues have big parking lots.   

Do the Climate Kids ride in motor vehicles, airplanes, trains, or other conveyances fueled by petroleum products? Have they ever purchased anything produced by the fossil fuel industry?

The Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations is suing oil companies for damaging the ocean even though all of their boats run on diesel fuel.

Every plaintiff in a civil suit must come to court with clean hands. Anyone who patronizes fossil fuel companies, directly or indirectly, is an accessory, which means they have no standing in court.

Corporations exist because they provide products and services people want. General Motors is in trouble now because they are producing a line of sedans no one wants.   

The solution for the gas and oil companies is real simple. Shut down all refineries, gas stations, fuel outlets and sales to energy providers until the lawsuits are dropped. 

Greg Williams