America Crashing

Some years ago I took a class on complex systems from a man named Alder Fuller. I learned about positive feedback loops, which push a system further from equilibrium, and negative loops, which stabilize a system.

Our society has a strong positive feedback alienation loop going. As class warfare increases, the U.S. gets more and more abrasive. People prone to depression and anxiety pull back into their shells to avoid being triggered, refusing to learn anything about social problems or politics.

Widespread ignorance and refusal to act make our problems worse, which increases the friction, etc., etc.

This is the same positive feedback process that increases climate change in the Arctic: highly reflective ice melts, exposing the sea beneath, which is darker and absorbs more of the sun’s heat, melting more ice, etc.

Positive feedback loops crash systems. The U.S. is crashing.

Lynn Porter


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