Not So Green

Someone recently wrote a letter to Eugene Weekly about the smell that has a “hint of the sea” being detectable in the Barger area (Nov. 15). The fact is, the sharp odor emanates from Lane Forest Products and blankets a huge area of west Eugene from Barger to North Beacon.

Lane Forest Products makes and ships mulch throughout the area. The problem is that the dust is impossible to avoid and makes living near the massive piles at Maxwell and Prairie a struggle.

Residents in the neighborhood are constantly breathing particulates, and many are unable to open windows during the hot dusty summers. Representatives of the company told us to call whenever the dust becomes a problem — which is often — but whenever we do, nothing changes. The watering of the massive piles does nothing to eliminate the awful dust.

Our concerns were brought to Lane Regional Air Protection Agency (LRAPA), but they seem unable or unwilling to seriously challenge a company the size and stature of Lane Forest Products. Sadly, this is all too common in an era where big business is God and we the people are nothing but voiceless peasants.

Sadly, the company prides itself as a responsible “green” company. This should mean taking into consideration the health of the residents of the area.

The company should relocate their mulch operations to a more appropriate location. We will find out just how “green” Lane Forest Products really is. 

J. Pinney and A. Albright