The Election Next Time

Now that we have the November elections over, we can evaluate the “next time.” The media frequently comments that our president was elected. This was not so. He did not receive the majority vote of an election. He was “selected” by a group of electors — people who were chosen by someone else. They followed the “rules” of the various states in casting their vote.

If the rules had been that the winner had to be a deceased canine — the dead dog would have won the presidency.

A change in our state law would help to elect a president by popular vote. We have one Democrat Senator who holds up that change. Neither we, nor the Republican or Democratic Party, are able to do anything about this. This state led the way 100 years ago in electing our state senators instead of having them appointed by others.

Now we don’t seem to be able to manage the “popular vote” issue for president.

One man holds it up — even the discussion in the legislature of the issue. 

So how can we make “Oregon great again?”

Bob Cassidy


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