Democracy In 2019

Thanks to the Eugene Weekly for Joel Korin’s challenge to “exercise your civic muscle” (Dec. 20). The City Club of Eugene is definitely presenting some speakers to help keep us informed. We definitely don’t have to wait for the next election to make a difference.

The new Congress is beginning in January and we can help guide them to deal with what matters to us. With our calls, emails and visits, they learn about important issues and initiatives. As a volunteer with RESULTS (, I will be working on this with the goal of ending hunger and poverty in our country and our world.

In 2019 that will mean working on affordable housing, battling hunger and calling for a bold pledge from America to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Since its creation in 2002, 27 million lives have been saved.

America’s pledge inspires other donors to pledge two-thirds of the total budget. So, let’s stay informed and take action, making 2019 the year we strengthen our democracy and help create a better world for all in the process.

Willie Dickerson


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