As we work on stopping the dangerous Jordan Cove Liquid Natural Gas project, which includes a pipeline through Oregon over 200 miles and the gas terminal in Coos Bay from being approved, we need to work on bringing alternatives for the folks struggling financially in Coos Bay. It makes no sense to allow the Jordan Cove project to go through for many serious and important reasons. 

We should be exploring/inviting industries/businesses that we can be proud of. How about a hemp processing plant? There are only a few in the entire country, and now that hemp is legal nationwide, there is great demand for a plant to process hemp into the products that will help us mitigate climate change; the building material Hempcrete, nutritious hemp seeds, replacing fossil fuels for plastic with hemp oil, etc. Let’s keep our public forests intact for the massive amounts of carbon they sequester here in Oregon and help facilitate sustainable alternative building material production and put rural Oregonians to work.

Another idea: a plastic recycling plant. We no longer are able to ship plastic recylceables to China, so let’s build our own. We must work on transitioning from a resource extractive economy to a truly sustainable one.  First action: Stop Jordan Cove LNG pipeline and gas terminal.

Pam Driscoll