Respect Authority

In reference to the video of the man being asked to leave the Portland Double Tree, I think that he can learn a valuable lesson from the results. At least I hope he learns something.

A similar event happened to me while I was a student at the University of Oregon. I was walking home through the graveyard and there was a police car inching around the paths. The officer stopped me and said that I was trespassing, and asked for my identification.

Same as at Double Tree, there were other people walking around and I grew defensive. I asked why she wasn’t stopping other students as they walked past. Why was I singled out? She called for another officer to come. He confirmed that I was trespassing and that, if I permitted them to search my backpack, my person and allow a photo to be taken of me, that I wouldn’t be given a citation.

I was a broke college student, so I had to consent. What I learned was that you don’t get anywhere questioning authority. If a security guard asks what your room number is, then you tell him. Skin color is irrelevant. If you are lounging around with your feet on the sofa and refuse to say what room you are in when asked, expect to be kicked out.

We don’t have a right to freedom from judgment. 

Eric Huestis