The Landlady Speaks

Re: Meerah Powell’s “Invisible But Still Here,” Dec. 13:

Speaking from the experience of being a landlady for over 20 years, I have never evicted someone for “no cause.” When you have a good renter, they stay until they decide to leave. Pushing them out before their time is done only happens when they break the rental rules or the owner decides to sell the property (even then, a renter can stay if the new owner agrees and continues to use the property as a rental.) 

Having rentals is a business and business people don’t invest their money or time to let others (no matter what their status in life is) ruin it. 

I feel for people who can’t follow rules, respect others’ property or can’t hold down a job, but if they are not able to stay in a rental, there’s a reason. 

Annie Kayner