War All The Time

Never have American foreign-policy absurdity and arrogance been more conspicuously on display.

Our State Department, Department of “Defense” and their faithful media stenographers declare a continuing U.S. right to violate national sovereignty and wage war in a second country (Syria) to “maintain stability” against defeated mercenary invaders (secretly supported by the U.S. to dislodge this country’s elected government) to serve the interests of third and fourth countries (Israel and Saudi Arabia) and counter the “influence” of fifth and sixth countries (Iran and Russia), both of which are legally present in Syria at its invitation and deserve significant credit for defeating the invaders.  

Combined with the congressional decision to discontinue U.S. support of the murderous Saudi/Emerati blitzkrieg upon Yemen, this is likely to seriously endanger employment and profits of the weapons industry upon which the American economy so heavily depends. 

Technology transfers can present opportunities to secure the “peace dividend” expected when the Cold War ended — a hope quickly smothered by Bush senior’s Gulf War — to transition from a death-and-destruction economy to one benefitting the public with new employment, universal Medicare, state-supported higher education like other developed countries, infrastructure upgrades including national high-speed rail and expansion of renewable energy industries.  

Jack Dresser, co-director

Al-Nakba Awareness Project