Sex Trafficking

When talking about sex trafficking, what usually pops into people’s heads are big cities like Seattle, Portland, New York and L.A., not small towns like the ones we have here in Lane County.

I’m writing in regards to the article “Breaking the Silence” by Dan Buckwalter (Jan. 10).

As the oldest child in my family, it is my job to protect my siblings from not just school bullies but also other forms of danger. I agree that sex trafficking here in Lane County is a topic that is not often talked about or seen in the news. This clearly needs to change. 

We as a community need to do a better job of getting resources out there to those who need them. We definitely need to be supporting the victims in their process of healing as well.

In my opinion, there should be more ways for people to help protect the community through volunteer opportunities.

The children of Lane County deserve better.

Jesus Ramirez Escalante


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