Testing Madness

OKA, easyCBM, iReady, OAKS, etc. — these are part of more than 100 standardized tests our kids have to take, including kindergartners. Here’s the thing: There can never be enough tests or enough data.

Gov. Kate Brown’s new budget wants $3.5 million for new “improved” elementary tests and new science tests.

It didn’t use to be like this. Just one generation ago, schools weren’t testing factories. Teachers got to teach. Kids learned. So what’s going on?

For testing corporations, the more tests your kids take, the more money they make. For federal, state and local testocrats, it’s about a paycheck and a religious belief in The Church of Data.

Many politicians drank the Kool-Aid or are afraid to question the Data Church. For the kids, it’s about “sit down and take the next test.” And teachers are told to keep quiet in the back seat of the car, with the kids, while the “adults” drive out-of-control.

Yes, the testers are out of control. They can’t stop themselves. Somebody’s got to take their keys away. Support Rep. John Lively’s “Too Young to Test” bill, which would prohibit mandatory testing from pre-kindergarten through grade two.

Put classroom teachers back in the driver’s seat.

Roscoe Caron