Help The Poor

“Decent provision for the poor,” said famed lexicographer Samuel Johnson, “is the true test of civilization.” 

Johnson would thank you, as do I, for printing Lynn Porter’s Jan. 17 viewpoint describing the ways in which homeless elderly people, women, children and the disabled are harassed by Eugene police and treated like criminals. Living a dangerous, miserable existence, these unfortunate citizens are doing their utmost simply to survive in this corrupt, predatory economic system.

The entire Republican Party and a few Democrats have, through legalized bribery, been bought and paid for by powerful mega-corporate interests expecting a big return on their campaign-contribution investments. And they certainly get it. Where? From the middle-class and from the poor.

Now 81, a political activist, a socialist and a progressive populist, I’ve been carefully examining the spectrum of political evidence since the late 1950s. Republican thievery is obvious and overwhelming. These homeless people deserve better.

A good place to find a helping hand is at the end of your arm.

Jerome Garger