The Eugene Fox-News Weekly

You asked in the Jan. 24 Slant section: “If Landeros had been a white man, not a person of mixed Mexican and Filipino heritage, would anyone be asking why they had a gun, or would instead there be praise for standing up for gun rights?”

C’mon, that’s really not a question. It precludes too much. You know that.

When I first heard the reports of a man being shot on school property, the report said noting about race or ethnicity. Immediately after the newscast I asked my friend, “Why would a person carry a gun onto elementary school property?” However, I sure as hell won’t praise anyone for standing up for gun rights if that means bringing a weapon into community entrusted with the care of our children. 

You’re just feeding grist into the Fox News mentality mill when you ask such censorious questions.  

Dan Dizney