Get Rid of the Poor

After reading Mr. Harris’ letter regarding “Our Public Library” (Jan. 17), I felt he was spot on. Thanks to enabling by previous and present-day mayors and City Council members, Eugene is being destroyed by vagrants and squatters. 

As a public servant for more than 20 years, I responded along the river involving illegal campfires, overdoses, physical and sexual assaults, and various other calls for assistance by illegal campers. While there, I had to walk through garbage including feces and needles. And when it rained, it all washed into our river.

This same scenario is played out all throughout the city, including the library. The library is no longer a place for quiet research and study. It has now become a germ-infested flophouse and cesspool. And now it is no wonder the city has a rat problem.

As long as working taxpayers provide housing, clothing, bikes and cell phones to those who litter and panhandle, Eugene will never be a city that welcomes business, tourism and its working community. We should continue to provide benefits and shelter like the Mission and other charity groups; however, vagrants, squatters and lawbreakers should be out.

Eugene could learn from Springfield.

Steve Waleri, Veneta

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