Public is the Point

Joe Cornish offers a new take on the Arthurian legend in The Kid Who Would Be King

To the writer of that sad and ugly commentary on the presence of homeless citizens in our downtown library:

Our tax money paid for our beautiful new library, which has ample seating, restrooms, water fountains, reading rooms, public computers and a compassionate and respectful attitude to the public that occupies its welcoming spaces.

It is certainly reasonable to request the traditional library silence (aka phones, music and loud talking) that the librarian has the responsibility to curtail. The library is also cleaned daily.

However, if you are so uncomfortable in the presence, and understandably challenged personal hygiene, of our homeless neighbors seeking comfort and safety during these long cold winter days, then take your book and go home to your warm, comfortable private home and leave your cruel judgments behind.

Katherine Knowles, Eugene