Courting Praise

While credence is due to the investigative reporting that uncovered the lack of data collection of Eugene’s Community Court program (“Courting a Problem,” Jan. 31), along with the need for further refinement prior to touting the program’s success, we should also recognize the benefits of the innovative program.

Kudos are due to those city officials who spearheaded the effort to receive $200,000 in federal dollars for program creation, mitigating the cost for the Eugene tax-payer.

Secondly, recognition that our traditional court system is failing us and taking a step towards something more collaborative shows that our leaders may just be listening to their constituents. Gratitude is owed to the volunteers and staff, including the amiable law enforcement officers, who are always present at the event openly building relationships with vulnerable community members.

Lastly, the data shows more than 1,800 persons have used Community Court to access supportive services and community resources, a lifeline for those in need. Creating no-barrier and equitable access to area resources serves as an innovative and invaluable diversion effort for Eugene.

For those who may find themselves in a hard place, all are welcome to access area supports every Friday, from 10 am to 3 pm in the first-floor conference room of the Eugene Library.

Travis Baker