Tacos, Weed and Cute Cars

Bloomberg profiles local electric carmaker Arcimoto

Business writer Ashlee Vance, known for his biography of Elon Musk, came to Eugene recently to enjoy weed and Taco Bell for his “Hello World” Bloomberg Businessweek series.

OK, so he actually came to profile local entrepreneur Mark Frohnmayer and his Arcimoto electric FUV (fun utility vehicle). The short video segment humorously takes on Eugene and its weed stores while it delves into the story of the 11-year development of the Arcimoto electric vehicle.

After discussing Frohnmayer’s Garage Games and driving the FUV, Vance wraps up the segment by pulling out the weed he purchased and asking Frohnmayer, “Do you want to go full Elon Musk” in reference to an incident in which Musk smoked pot during an interview.

Spoiler alert.

There’s no weed smoking on camera.