Not Guilty by Proximity

Yesterday, one of our employees brought to my attention that in one of your recent articles in Eugene Weekly, you mention High Pass Winery as one of the places were the body of a missing women was buried (“Out from the Void,” Feb. 7). I find it highly irresponsible to make statements like this based on information received from anonymous sources that was not verified.

I acquired the property High Pass Winery is located on in 1984 and added another piece in 1990. During all my early years working and living on the property, I was well aware of drug-related activities going on in the neighboring property. However close-by the High Pass Winery property was, none of that took place on my property. I could only watch, with concern, how this self-destruction took place.

As much as I can appreciate your effort to shed light on the situation of missing women, and sex workers in particular, there was no need to drag past shady criminal activities into the history of a reputable business.

I would appreciate if a correction is printed.

Dieter Boehm

High Pass Winery